Hexfray in 2020

Fixed two bugs that would incorrectly mark a unit as exhausted after attacking.

More bug fixes released recently,

Turn timer changed to 32 hours (mahks’ suggestion in The timer is annoying).

Hexfray has a new tutorial in the game lobby to make the first steps of new players easier.


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Implemented two improvements/fixes in the game UI (Can't select some replacement troops):

  1. game controls (namely End Turn button) are now displayed over the game map so should be clickable all the time (even when covered with void elements which you can see in the map editor but are rendered transparent when playing),
  2. build dialog is now displayed to the left if there is not enough space on the right, it’s also vertically a bit closer to the center of the click position.

Added Training Camp by mahks plus also fixed the order of maps in the New Game menu and made this map the first, followed by Toxic Waltz. Thanks for the great maps!


Implemented this suggestion to indicate player’s colour in a game from the lobby.


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Good idea putting in on finished games too!

Hexfray now has a flashier landing page at http://www.hexfray.com when you’re not logged in.

A post was split to a new topic: Swamp in landing page image

I added a brief Code of Conduct to the pinned topic Welcome to Hexfray's Discourse forum to make sure we’ll be building the right community.

Added two notifications:

  • Notify the defeated player when the other one wins by a game action (e.g. attack or capture).
  • Notify the winning player when the other one surrenders.

On a related note, the task to batch notifications and thus reduce the number of emails (see Email spam) is nearing the top of the todo list.

Added siege effect Feature request : Siege effect It is documented in the “How to play” section in the lobby: “You get 100 Credit point per owned base which is not occupied by the opponent”.

siege effect

Matchmaking has been changed to no longer match you with players you are currently playing with, which will make it easier to meet a variety of players.

We now have a turn income indicator as suggested in Per turn income indicator

turn income indicator

Income from bases is now configurable for each map in the map editor, which allows for wider range of interesting maps.

Earlier this week the website dropped /#/ from its addresses and simultaneously fixed a few routing bugs (centered around the “back” button not working).

Following up on base income configuration per map, initial credit of players is now configurable in the map creator as well (Game creation options thread).

Choosing an arbitrary (published) map has just landed in the new New Game dialogue. For each map you can see a preview that has been automatically generated. A few hand picked maps appear at the top of the list.

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