A floral map

This map has been published:

Looks neat! I’ll add it to the featured set but you could try inviting someone using the new feature that lets you select maps by entering their id (so someone else than me tries it).

I could not find the ID number anywhere.

Tried the map name as ID, no luck…
Tried the number in the map editor, no joy.
Looked in devtools, saw 22 was associated with “Floral”, nope.

Used that number (from devtools) for a “selected” map and that did work. So it may be that published maps that are not selected, have not been “activated”? for the advanced number method…

Why not have a second drop down list with a players own published, but not selected maps?

Yeah it’s very much construction site quality, I just did the easiest thing to enable it right now and will improve it in due time.
The ID is in the address bar (22 here https://www.hexfray.com/#/map_editor/22), what I do is just enter player name, enter 22 and click invite (while ignoring the missing description).

Ah the missing map image caused me to think it was invalid, should of tried it anyway!

I added Floral to the featured set as well as Line of Control (please let me know if that wasn’t the intention with it but looks really cool!).