Carry on up the Kyber

This map is “Kyber Pass” and has been published!

Be sure to study the map carefully before making your first moves as you will need to make critical decisions straight away.

Note that red has no unit placement advantage to offset blue’s first turn advantage. I am hoping that the choices blue has to make, will provide opportunities red can capitalize on.

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Looks great! I added the description (to be editable in the future) and put the map to the featured set.

After playing some of this map, I have to say it should probably be removed from the featured set. It’s description is on point - it requires a lot of important strategic decisions early on, however it takes forever to get to any kind of action (mostly due to severly limited movement in mountains). It is a good map, but only for specific occasions and is not very welcoming for beginners or potential new players.

I agree this map is not a beginner map.

I think all the maps are unsuitable for beginners except Toxic Waltz. The others are too complex, tricky or ponderous.

If selected maps are to be the beginners maps, then we need another list for non-beginners.

I would like to see 3 lists:

  1. The beginner maps. These should be very basic topography, small and quick to combat. These are the maps that are offered to new signups. The community does not need to see this list, admin controls it.

  2. Playable maps. All the maps that have been created and activated for use. Everyone sees this list.
    Maybe with filters for categories. Easy, difficult, small, large, quick, creator, etc. not only for viewing, but so if you choose “Match me with an opponent” it will use a map from the category selected.

  3. Maps under development. Maps being tested by the creator. Only the creator sees this list, but can offer games with the map. Maps can be overwritten with tweaked versions, or old ones deleted.

I agree and like the suggestion (especially giving maps labels). Before that, in the short term, it would be good to have maps suitable for beginners at the top of the selection (map designs very much welcome!)