Draw option

We could use an optional draw option.

Use cases:

  • You both find you are on a map you do not want to play.
  • One side needs to stop playing and both agree to draw.

Sounds good, I put this into my backlog.

There should be some way to play games with newbies that does not affect the win loss count.

Normally it takes several games for a new player to learn the ropes and the more obvious traps.
These games should not be treated as a normal game.

Not sure what would be the best way…

Maybe allowing the experienced player to offer a restart, where the game begins again without being scored.

If the game review option is ever implemented, maybe the experienced player could offer to “Roll back game” to a certain turn, where the game be replayed from the move where the newbie went wrong.

That’s a very specific request. I should implement draw and it could be used in a similar way (for those kind people who would use it like this, otherwise the new player will hopefully improve their statistic with more games).

For the draw I think I’ll add a button next to “surrender” which will just say “draw” (“retract draw”?) and it will show to the opponent in red “accept draw” (with confirmation like surrender has). Suggestions welcome.

Maybe “Offer Draw” & “Retract Draw”?

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