Email spam

Now that the number of games I am playing is increasing, I am being annoyed by all the mail alerts.

I think it would be good to flag an account with a “Game Alert Sent” and not send another email to that account while the flag is in place. Clear the flag when the user accesses the site or 24 hours after the flag was set.

A good idea, however I think that there should simply be a longer interval between sent email. From what I understand, the email is sent whenever an opponent finishes his turn. Such event occurs even while I have the game window open. Setting the interval to one or two hours per email seems better as it sovles the problem of “realtime” playing and allows to send notifications of multiple unfinished games at once.

Not immediately on turn end, there is a bit of a delay. I think it may be about 10 minutes.

But only having a delay would not solve the problem as if you are playing 3 games with 3 opponents, you go to bed, wake up and you have 9 emails…

Currently, there’s a 5 minute wait between the opponent clicking End Turn and an email being sent. If there’s an action from you during that time window, the email will not be sent.

I agree it’s already a bit annoying and I’ll move my plan for an improve solution from wishlist to todo list.

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