Help! is there a manual

Do you have a page that explains the mechanics?

Also, with my own games, I find it useful to broadcast my intent of new features or changes before they are coded. It has resulted in many great ideas from the community that may never have occurred to me. Basically, having a sounding board really helps game development.

There’s a description in the game lobby (at the bottom, “How to play”) including a link to a page describing the game parameters. Let me know if you find anything missing. I intend to create a “walk through game script” that would let you try the game and explain the basic options but that’s still a future plan.

I like the feature discussion idea, however, IMO it would work well mainly for discussing game mechanics with a wider player base. At this point it would be a formal (=> slow) step with few inputs and few people enjoying the benefits of better planning. Moreover, my current plans for the next few weeks or months are some less visible improvements like bug fixes and non-game tweaks (e.g. the walk through script, better player profile page,…). But I’ll definitely want to do this when the game has a strong player community.

A nice first step in this direction would be receiving more map suggestions in the “Maps” forum category. The forum for “Gameplay” is also open for any suggestions (and I keep a Trello board with all the things people suggest).