Income hexes

I think having an “objective” hex that only provides income would be the single greatest improvement to the tactical aspect of the game.

Currently the fact that an enemy unit can pop up on a base means you can’t have objectives that are not easily defended.

These could be a base that does not produce. But It could also be an Icon that overlays the terrain.
There could be several, that have varied or definable values.
Barn icon : Farm 20 coins
Pick axe : Mine 50 coins
Oil derrick : Oilfield : 100 coins.

These could also have no, less or variable capture delays

I’d like add something like this.

Another idea in the same vein would be to have “Victory Point” locations.

A hex would have a star icon indicating, if captured, the captor gains an amount of VP set by the map designer. Could have major and minor VP hexes.

These would only be placed on maps where the “Point Victory Amount” option is set by the designer. In this case if any side gains the “Point Victory Amount” they win.

This would make possible maps like the one Jan made without any bases.

Thought about this a bit:

  • Capture should work the same as the current bases, barracks, currently have. It should be a separate tile, rather than an overlay. (Sticking to simple things, not complicating the rules.)
  • Having various types would enable a much wider range of maps. But start with one type.
  • Game UI should get a summary of income per type like map view has.

A big practical problem is to get graphics for these tiles. All the graphics we have were made by @jan_roman years ago, getting something good looking and fitting the style is a challenge.