JSON Error

Do you get logs of these errors, or should we send you them?

Thanks for the report. I am logging them but haven’t set up a comprehensive monitoring yet so it’s mostly reliant on me checking, usually a few hours after a deploy. Posting them here helps.

Seen this one several time in last day. This image was from Steve. At the time my screen showed my coin total at 950.

In another game I had 300-400 coins (are they coins or credits or ???) I bought a bazooka, no problem, then I tried to buy something else at another base, the error displayed and I was left with zero credits.

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Errors are quite rare fortunately, I just fixed one place which I suspect is the cause. Hopefully that was sufficient.

On a side note, I also fixed a different error in matchmaking code.

I’ll leave answering the question whether it’s coins or credits or ??? for later :wink: