Map editor bug.....!

Just a heads up that there is a bug in the map editor.

Occurs when adding hex to edge and map expands.
When I added the circled water hex, some rows shifted.

Original :

I think that adding one more hex above (and thus a new row) would fix your particular problem. But of course the proper fix (which is to flip map indent between even/odd when you prepend a row) is to be made on the editor side, I’ll note it down and get to it relatively soon (after finishing the huge patch for undo I have in progress now ;- ).

I implemented the proper fix. It simply flips the map’s indent (odd/even rows) when a new row is prepended in the editor. It’s a question how to flip when removing rows (as rows can be removed anywhere) so I made it flip when the first non-border row is removed. That can lead to seemingly random, confusing breakage so I just also added “Flip indent” button.