Map forking and publish

I forked “The Valley of Death” and published it. But it does not show in the create game list.
This map just has a tweak to help with first turn advantage.

Will there be a way to delete old versions of a map?

The maps in the invite dialog (and matchmaking) are a fixed set of “recommended maps”, enumerated in the code. Publishing a map only means it can be viewed by anyone and can’t be edited anymore. At this point it’s a convenient step in getting the map into the recommended set but in the future it should be possible to invite anyone to play an arbitrary published map. I’ll probably be implementing that feature when there’s more published maps than can be picked for the recommended set.

Olds maps can’t be deleted (once I implement the invite using an arbitrary map it should be possible to play any map you played in the past) but I can see something like that might be useful especially for newer versions. When it becomes important the UI could show a tree of forks and possibly the author could mark the map as “retired (in favour of …)”.

It’s a nice edit to the map, I’ll swap the new version into the recommended set.

I think “retire in favour of” is an important function. We cannot make perfect maps the first time. The problems within a map will become apparent only after play testing it.

Maybe there needs to be an intermediary step in map publishing. ie; one creates a map. Only the creator can invite someone to play it. They have control over the map, meaning they can freely edit it (current games retain the map as at game start). Once the bugs are ironed out, then it progresses to the publish stage.

Please replace Death Valley with the new version as the old one has too great a first player advantage. Not sure my tweak will fix that. (my point in the above)

Your suggestion would be a very good process. Before going into that, I’ll first implement a system where you can do a cycle: publish, play, fork, improve, go to 1. But before going into that I need to focus on finding more players that would use these features.

That said, a rudimentary implementation (“Enter map id” rather than “Pick a map in this fancy GUI” where the GUI lets people search/rate/browse/…) of the missing step, “Play”, is easy to do so it might be available fairly soon.

Map replaced. Thanks!

Are you notified when we publish a map or should we still notify you a new map is ready?

Yes, ping me please.

OK, Damned River is ready :

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