Niven's River World appraisal

The Niven’s River World map by mahks is a truly good map which I believe should be somewhere up in the list of available maps.

The action quickly starts and it combines all important aspects of the gameplay - movement, correctly timed attacks and retreats. As individual parts of the map are interconnected, the gameplay quickly shifts from one front to another. What I also like on this map is that some of the bases in the center and on the top are in reach of long range units, offering a possibility of distant control of enemy bases as well as directly attacking them.


Interestingly, just before I saw your post, I was thinking Riverworld was the best map so far.

The map has 3 initial front lines and 3 secondary.
I’ve been working on a map with 4 and 4. It will be about 30% larger.

Ho do people feel about larger maps?

While I prefer smaller maps, large maps are also great if executed properly. Personally, I don’t like maps where it takes ages to get to any actions and your movement and choices are extremely limited. As an example, I don’t really enjoy maps like Kyberpass or Vimy Rigde. These to me feel very constrained, I can’t move my units well and it takes a lot of time to advance anywhere. These maps I think tend to favour defensive strategies as any kind of reinforcement takes many turns to arrive.

However, “empty” and very open maps like the River World feel fast, right into action.

I also dislike maps where you have to play many many rounds just in order to capture bases and it takes a week before the real action begins.

@ondrej, this map can be made public if you like.

I agree, it’s a great map. Added it to the featured list.