North Africa map ready for testing

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Holy smokes Batman, this one’s gonna test some limits. Looks phenomenal.

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Whoops, forgot to publish it.

OK, its published :smiley:

Excellent, thank you! Added the map to “selected”.
(I’m aiming to add playing of published but not “selected” maps in the near future so the process of testing is a bit easier.)

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will we be able to save edits of the maps that are published but not selected?

What do you mean by that? The only special thing about “selected” is that they can be chosen in matchmaking and when creating a new game (and soon I’ll add a way to play all published maps from the new game menu).

I am thinking about how we deal with map tweaks. I guess it will depend on how you treat maps in the database. Are maps in current games dependent on a master map table, or does each game have a copy of the map? If they have their own copies, we should be able to overwrite a map with an improved version. If they depend on a master, then it would require map versions.

They have a copy of the current state of the board and a reference to the maps table.

Might be worth mentioning what’s my end goal idea. The dream state would be when we have hundreds of maps for thousands of players to play them. New Game menu lets you browse and pick any map.

At that point I’d like to see this process: design a map, try it in some preview mode yourself (to see how far units go and whatnot, exit back to design mode to improve, repeat), publish, invite anyone/other people can play it. If you see an improvement just fork it and create a new version this way (forks are visible on the page with that map and forks by the author get highlighted, maybe the author can put an editable comment on each of them).

A few maps can get a feature on the home page every week, you can also rate maps, list maps by rating, by popularity,… long term proven maps get to the selected set (which by that point means nothing or little for the New Game menu, only for matchmaking).