Skirmish 1.0

I was thinking of a different kind of map like we don’t yet have. I present you the Skirmish v1, where you have no bases. This creates an entirely new problem of resource management.

It seems to me that this map encourages some sort of “camping”, waiting for the other players to move in range of opponent’s units. Any idea how to counter that?

A “joke” solution I had was to offer flooding. That’d be a fun feature but of course it’s not something I’d implement in the near future.

A less extravagant solution would be to add artillery units to the game and then place a red artillery unit on a new island in the top left corner and a blue artillery unit on a new island in the bottom right corner. We’d need to think about precise ranges and placement to make it work but also add choice of victory conditions and add one which ignores artillery units. It might be a confusing game mode due to that exception.

A good idea, arty should be accessible for attack I think.