As we have seen some larger scale statistics in the past posted by Ondrej, I believe it would be great to have some numbers on the page. For instance, several basic statistics on player’s profile - number of games played, won, lost, average time to turn (important for choosing foes!), number of turns, damage dealt, damage recieved etc.

I also believe some of these statistics would certainly be very nice to see on the landing page (before you log in) to get more attention to the game (and show that the few player currently playing it are active and the development continues). Real time update of this data is probably overkill, but I can imagine something like that (ticking fast with enough players) :wink:

I am very much looking forward to implementing some neat statistics, however, at this time it’s a really small number of players so the numbers wouldn’t be that interesting or move much. But I might add something quick that actually changes (like the number of moves, 71336 at the moment) fairly soon (this would be great with links to the latest moves that would offer replay… but all in time :- ).