Turn end should jump to lobby

Upon clicking turn end the lobby page should be loaded automatically so we can select another game.

I believe this would lead to some confusion. Another proposed solution was to place a “Next turn” button in the interface for easily loading another unfinished game.

That method would not allow you to select which game you want to play next. It may be you want to prioritize a specific game opponent.

Each time I end turn, I have to click lobby to get the list.
What makes you think it would cause confusion to have that automated?

It might interrupt real-time playing (although that’s a rather rare thing). Maybe placing a “Go to lobby” link right under the “End turn” button place would make it a bit less annoying?

Not really annoying, just not efficient.

How many people only play one game in real time? Why would you? If you had 2 (3 is ideal) games with that opponent, you play your move in one game while they play theirs in another. No down time.

Said button could prioritise another game with the same opponent as the current one.

It might be worth thinking about other options around this multi-game flow. For those that we have now I am not, at the moment, persuaded one is universally the best so it might end up as a user setting.

Isn’t having a “Go to Lobby” button is redundant when there is already a lobby button?

I guess what I am confused about is why would you want to remain in a game where you have finished your turn?

Yes, it would be redundant in exchange for a bit of convenience.

That’s definitely a use case I have. Most often when working on the game but also when showing the game to people. I am aware that’s really marginal.

Ah I see, then maybe a “Lock” button. That keep the current game displayed, when not locked, turn end jumps to lobby?

Oh, maybe that was what you meant by “Go to lobby button”? That would automatically take you to lobby on turn end? I interpreted it a just another link to the lobby, so if you meant automatic, then yes, that would be ideal.

I believe this should be considered only in case of redoing the interface completely, where it would offer you further games to play. In the case of this early version of the game, this really seems marginal, however I agree that this UI action requires a bit of clicking.

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