Base capture progress

I was under the impression that if the unit capturing a base moved off the base, all capture progress was lost. Then in a game, it appeared that my opponent moved the capturing 2HP unit off a base and replaced it with 10HP unit. The progress seemed to be retained. Can’t remember if it was at 50% or 75%.

So I tried to do that in another game. I had a 50% captured base, moved off, then another unit back on (in same turn) but capture restarted at 25%.

What am I missing?

25% progress turns into 50% progress with the end of the turn so leaving 50%, moving a Soldier in (-> 25%) and clicking “end of turn” gets you back to 50%. Could that be it?

It’s quite hard to search for this without replay implemented but I could have a go at it if you can remember which game and base.

Are you saying we should be able to move off base and back on in the same turn and retain capture progress?

No. But that’s not precise, so let me elaborate. Capture has four steps:

  1. 25% – Soldier moved onto a base
  2. 50% – Soldier stays for end of turn
  3. 75% – Soldier stays for end of turn
  4. Fully captured – Soldier stayed for end of turn

The last mechanic is moving a capturing unit out of a capture-in-progress base which causes complete reset to 0% capture.

So if you had 25% capture you can abandon that and move a Soldier in to get the same amount. If you had 50% you can abandon that and move a Soldier in to get the same amount after the end of that turn.

So technically you can retain some progress but that’s only by restarting the process.

I think I was confused, thinking it took 4 turns to capture, but I see it is only 3. The first turn you capture 50% and 25% each in next 2 turns. I assumed it would be a consistent rate.

Still not clear what happens if you move off a base that is 75% at start of turn and back on. What will be percent after turn end?

Yes, the visualisation does not reflect the number of turns, rather the number of steps (of which three are turns). I hope to clarify this in the walkthrough tutorial that I’ll make.

75% --move out–> 0% --move in–> 25% --end turn–> 50%