Game creation options thread

These would be options the map creator sets.

  • Starting coins
  • Base income value
  • Victory conditions :
    – All bases
    – Minimum bases
    – Coins accumulated
  • Permitted units

There could be some kind of “domination” mode, basically combining all previous suggestions into one. Let’s say it could work this way - for basically everything you have (units, bases, coins etc.) you get a number of points. For your troppers, you get 1 point for every HP remaining, for your tanks, you get 3 points for each HP point remaining, for each base you get 200 points, for each coin saved you get 1 point. Or something like that. The final values would determine the balance between all fighting sides - player 1 has 5638 points, player 2 has 3687 points. Victory settings could be set as a certain point difference (i.e. difference of 100 % between both scores). This kind of “domination” would be great for large maps as well as for maps with multiple players (surely to be implemented).

A bit difficult to explain, plenty of background work, but I think it would make a fine addition if set properly. As attacking is beneficial in terms of points gained/lost, it would encourage aggressive play I believe, instead of just sitting on our asses saving coins.

These two are now done.

I am keen on the other suggestions here too.

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