Hexfray in 2021

Hello Hexfray players!

(At least) for Hexfray, 2020 was a good year. The game is now fun to play on variety of maps and the overall experience isn’t rough anymore (remember entering map id manually?). With this foundation it’s time to build a community of players to truly enjoy the game with the multitude of strategies, approaches and ideas they bring – in 2021, the main focus for Hexfray will be to build a thriving player base.

As far as features go we’re likely to see:

There’s a lot of planned improvements besides this list and as always I am very happy to receive suggestions!

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  • Decreased penalty for SUV to move over bases, forest, swamp, and mountains by 1 (to 1, 6, 6, 8 respectively).
  • Fixed/improved the parameters page to show movement penalty over bases for each unit.
  • Also rewrote the penalty function to allow different cost depending on base colour in the future.

Fixed map preview generator.

Fixed an occasionally observed, long term, (formerly) mysterious bug that would sometimes break the whole game server.

(Technical details: Quite a funny story where an occasional auto-update sometimes installs a new PostgreSQL version, causing the database to restart and the game to lose connection but not restart (and thus (not) acquire a new db connection – admittedly it’s not the most resilient code!)).