Ingame chat

This is very likely in the todo list, however I would certainly like to see a simple ingame chat. This would allow us to discuss features and development directly in the game, which I believe would be very beneficial. Also great for telling your enemy to git gud.

Another option would be a simple chat anywehere in the interface - the lobby, main page of forums etc.

I didn’t consider chat to be worth the effort now (but admittedly I am not very sure that’s the right assessment). But I had thought about starting a Discord server so I just did that and we can give it a try. If it seems good then I’ll add links to the lobby, a pinned forum topic or potentially even games.

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I would like to see an in-game private chat between you and your opponent.

Discord is great for the universal chat, but it would be nice to have a game chat that does not require page switching.

A good reason for in-game chat:
Many players, especially new ones do not join the forum.
This means there is no way to contact them.

It would be good to be able to chat to a newbie in their first games, help them if needed and encourage them to join the forum.

I believe it would bring some potentially fruitful conversation between players. It would be definitely great for gathering more players.