Manual "Skip turn" button

At the moment, after not playing your turn for 24 hours, it automatically ends and it’s the turn of your enemy. There are situations like I have experienced that I am unable to finish my turns in time, however if there is an understanding opponent, skipping the turn could be his decision and not an automatic one.

Could you elaborate? What’s the difference between that and clicking End Turn?

Maybe he means if your opponent has not made his move in the 24 hours allowance, you may opt to let him have another 24 hours?

Ah, ondrej means that you could just not make your own move, click turn end, and the opponent has another 24 hours? Only difference is the accumulation of coins. So the jan_roman option would prevent the double up of income.

I meant that when you are away from the computer for more than 24 hours, your turns end automatically. I suggest leaving the decision otoyour opponent, whether to skip your turn that is taking too long or to wait a bit longer.

I see. That’d be a nice feature, I’ll note it down.

I am willing to skip my turn if the opponent has missed theirs,
but this has a problem, as sometimes you don’t realize the opponent has not made their turn. So, for this to work it would be good to have a message “Ondrej missed his turn” or only show the skip turn button if the opponent missed their turn.

But I think the option to have “friendly” games would work best. Mentioned here: The timer is annoying

I agree. There should be more choice as far as time limits are concerned. However, the timer should not be entirerly removed as this would end up in a lot of unfinished, nonremovable games at the moment.

Is unfinished games a big deal? What is the expense of that? The data is tiny.

Let the creator of the game set max time for each turn with disabled as an option.

I too, think the lack of a timer is not an issue.

There could be a purge term, all games with turns waiting more than the term are ended.

1 week seems reasonable.