Move & fire indicator

Currently we have the unit highlight to identify units that have remaining MP (move points) or fire ability.

It may be good to have different indicators for both these abilities. In future when there are larger maps and many more units, it will become increasingly difficult to know at a glance, what is still capable of what.

Now, in some situations you cannot tell if a unit has fire ability remaining, so you could move it only to find it does not and is now exposed. This will be less of a pain once undo is implemented. But when we have lots of units, will still be very useful.

Not sure what the best way to have a second indication is. The only idea I have is to change the background on the HP indicator. Currently it is blue for both armies. It could be white on green for “can fire” and black on white for “fire done”
fire ability


I added a fire indicator, a dot which appears above the hp bar.