The SUV buff

Personally I feel that the SUV units is currently severely underpowered. It can’t really do anything against tanks, which is correct, however it should be a bit stronger against infantry. I suggest changing from the current 2-2-1-1 to 3-3-2-1 (in the tadamage table). I believe it would make the SUV more worthwile as currently I don’t see much point in buying it.

I have had the same thought several times. But I check myself shortly after. I would classify it as a “special” unit and should be weak, except for its special ability - speed. As with all special units they should be used for their special ability and not … something else.

They will become more useful as the game matures with more base types, units and terrain effects. (all assumed to be on the list)

I posted an idea siege effect
that I think is needed and would add value to the armoured car.

I have to say that I am continually impressed with the unit attribute balance. This is not an easy thing to achieve.Most developers try to make unit traits more realistic and this can be a detriment to game play. How did you get the balance? Did you steal the values from another game? Have some elaborate testing method? Luck out?

Anyway if and when you add more units I think they should be weak except for their special ability.

I completely agree. However, I believe this is exactly what the SUV currently can’t do. I believe it should be used in a “hit-and-run” manner. High damage against infantry, plenty of movement, but weak to everything maybe excluding regular soldiers. At the moment, what is the point of being fast when you can’t deal damage once you reach your destination.

So you don’t use them to deal damage. you use them to finish off hp2 units and use your damage dealing units on stronger targets

The siege effect benefits SUVs the most, that might be a sufficient buff for them?

I wonder if reducing the cost of SUV’s to say 125c would increase their use without making them overbearing.

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