Can't select some replacement troops

In my current Line of Control game with Mahks, the replacement troops select button won’t let me select my choice, even though it’s less than the gold I have available. Specifically, I can choose infantry or armoured car but not bazooka when I have 175 gold. I have F5 reset but same result.
I’ll continue playing but this is the second game today with similar issues. Apologies for not flagging the original.

PS I’m playing on a Mac desktop

this is in game 124…

That’s quite bad, sorry! I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

It doesn’t seem to be a server error. I also copied the game, set myself 175 credits but couldn’t reproduce the error. So I might need more leads, are there more conditions to this?

  • Is the unit greyed out in the build menu or just clicking it doesn’t do anything?
  • Could you make a screenshot?
  • Does it happen every time?
  • Does it happen on some particular base?
  • Does it happen under/over some amount saved?
  • Or does it happen after building a unit elsewhere in the same turn?
  • Could you try a different web browser when this happens (Safari, Chrome, Firefox,…)?

This is the first time since the original post that I’ve had the same issue. In the lowest right city, with 75 credits on file, I cannot purchase an infantry.

I’m on a Mac using Safari, I used all but the 75 credits building elsewhere before selecting that.

In a later, different game, I encountered the same problem and was adjusting my playing screen larger for a clearer screenshot and the problem immediately resolved when the screen was widened. I’ll watch for this problem in future and make screen size adjustments before sounding an alarm.

Ah hah, I have noticed this with the end turn button, on large maps zoomed in, they cover the link, but the cover is not visible. Buttons need higher z-index value

Thanks, that clears it up. It’s likely due to border (should open to the left of click in that screenshot) as well as the overlapping issue. I’ll stress test it and fix it.

I added fixes for both overlapping and “too close to the border” issues (see update Hexfray in 2020), please let me know if there’s any remaining problems.